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Duno is a unique and refreshing liquor made from seaberries, a delicious gift growing in the dunes at the Belgian coast. 

The berries are a huge source of vitamin C and are therefore considered as a superfood. Its exotic taste contains hints of citrus and mango.

“Have a berry good time!”


All made from seaberries


duno bitter

duno pils

duno liquor

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How it started

Duno Seaberry Liquids
Duno Seaberry Liquids Hannes
Hannes Vandebotermet

Chef & creator

Meet Hannes, our chef and creator of Duno. ⁠
Two years ago, he and his brother Pepijn came up with the idea to use seaberries to make a liquor. Growing up at the seaside and playing in the dunes made them familiar with the flavourful and healthy berries. After several trials and errors, he found the perfect recipe that became our delicious drink. ⁠

In the meantime, he's enjoying his time as a chef at LOF restaurant in Ghent, where he is using Duno in his fine and mouth-watering appetizers and desserts.⁠


Bram Delva

Experienced counselor

Every team has a wise and experienced man on board. Well, we have Bram! ⁠

Bram seeks and loves new challenges within the food and beverage industry. Besides being owner of fresh food market Delva in Veurne, he is a proud member and founder of Seaberry Liquids. His input and inspiration is worth gold ⁠

Duno Seaberry Liquids Bram Delva
Duno Seaberry Liquids Pepijn Vandebotermet
Pepijn Vandebotermet

Co-founder & partnerships

Pepijn has always been keen on taking on new challenges. He and his brother Hannes were convinced about their idea and turned it into a wonderful product.


At the moment he is running Frans & Bertha in Veurne and he is shaping Seaberry Liquids at the same time. His passion and grit for Duno is admirable and ⁠indispensable.

Charly Braet

Co-founder & designer

Charly has a medical background but loves to dig into other domains. His entrepreneurial mindset made him a perfect match to help to found our company.


At Seaberry Liquids he is responsible for graphic design and other creatives, something he learned himself during his experience at Semper Festum events.

Curious what he will deliver in the future!

Duno Seaberry Liquids Charly Braet
Maxim Vanbelleghem

Duno ambassador

Maxim takes the lead when it comes to sales. With his sales background, he recruits new customers and is also the central point of contact for existing customers.

In addition, you can always find him at events and tastings. He tries to convince customers by taking them into the world of seaberries.

our partners

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